We Use Cutting-Edge Advertising To Generate Qualified Leads And Drive Passive Sales For Your Business
Our 'White Glove, No Compromise' Philosophy
Marketing is already complicated enough without having to involve difficult agency relationships. We promise to make your advertising and marketing projects easy to understand. From single points of contact to transparent progress reports, we make it easy for your marketing and advertising dollars to generate meaningful returns.
Design That
Stands Out
Our conversion-focused design process is one of a kind. We combine proven advertising standards with our own in-house experimentation program to create imagery that converts.
Copywriting That
Tells A Story
Your brand is unique, and your story is at the heart of why people will buy from you. Our copywriting team is skilled at drawing your story out and finding the “hooks” that will cause leads to pay attention and prospects to buy.
That Scales
Your ads won't get anywhere fast without if you don't scale up your budget. To do that, your ads need to be profitable. Our ad management team is tweaking your campaigns 24/7 in order to accomplish a positive ROI. Once your ads are profitable, we recommend controlled increases in budget according to your desired growth rate.
Our Facebook Advertising packages are the most popular services we offer clients. If you run a business that can benefit from online sales, we can help drive qualified traffic to your offers and sales pages. 
Here's how it works:

Step 1: Set Up A New Account

Within seconds of setting up your Agency Golden account, you'll receive an email confirmation and a personalized welcome letter from your account manager. This is a person who will always know what's going on with your campaigns and who can offer insight and strategy into new projects you're working on. And yes, you get their direct email!

Step 3: Attend Your Kickoff Call

Within the next couple of days, we'll schedule a Kickoff Call between you and your account manager. This call is designed to familiarize you with our process and give you an idea of what happens in the first week, the first month, and the first 3 months of working together. We'll also do a screenshare to get you all set up with the technical side of Facebook's Business Manager, your Conversion Pixel, and any other complex items we can set up with you in real-time.

Step 2: Complete Your Kickoff Questionnaire

Your account manager will share a short questionnaire which our design and copywriting team uses to get started on your first ad campaign. This is where we collect all of your branding information and links to the first offer we'll be advertising for you.

Step 4: Watch Your New Leads Arrive

After you approve the imagery, copy, and targeting we assemble for your first campaign, we'll launch at a starting budget of $30 per day, and immediately start optimizing. Once our ad management team signs off on the campaign for scaling, we'll regularly communicate with you on how fast to increase budget and what new campaigns you'd like us to assemble.
What Current Clients Are Saying

"Working with Agency Golden over the past few years has led to several product launches, new brand development, and marketing support that rivals having a dedicated CMO on speed-dial. We're in our next launch now and are planning for the biggest one yet thanks to the team at Agency Golden. Their service and support is top-tier in the industry and I'm proud to be working with them!"

Fab Mancini
Best-Selling Author of The Power Of Self Healing

"Agency Golden has always provided high-quality and professional marketing support for our websites, brands, and ongoing promotions. For over a year, we've worked with their super-talented team of creatives and strategists. They're always responsive and understanding to our requests, and they embrace our custom projects, from e-book design to marketing funnel strategy."

Rory Callaghan
Founder of FillYourCup & BfreeBwell
Our Unique Targeting Method
Not All Leads Are Created Equal
When you generate a lead for your business, there could be a high or low chance of them ultimately buying from you. The key in achieving high “value per lead” is in placing your offer in front of a qualified audience. Plenty of people may be interested in a video series, but not nearly as many will be interested in a high-ticket program or product.
Agency Golden's proprietary “Golden Niche” targeting method is able to find the intersection of people who are passionately interested in your brand and who have a high likelihood of buying from you. These individuals are not only raving fans, but they want to become customers and put up money to receive more from you. The aim of the Golden Niche method is to reach this audience for the lowest cost per lead possible.
Facebook Is Our #1 Focus
At this time, Agency Golden provides support exclusively on the Facebook Ad platform. 


Facebook provides the most highly-targeted advertising functionality out of any platform out there. As of today, if you want to reach prospects based on their interests and demographic information (not just what keywords they're searching for), Facebook is the place to do it. 

This more defined access to the “right” people means you get more highly-qualified leads for a lower cost. Facebook is also the fastest growing ads platform, more affordable than Google, and is constantly releasing innovative new methods of reaching customers.
agency golden perks
In addition to providing advertising services, Agency Golden also offers boutique marketing packages to our established clients (who we've built and advertised offers for over the course of 6 or more months). That means we have a talented and capable team of in-house conversion specialists and creative professionals who are ready and willing to provide insight into your funnel.

Landing Page Optimization Insights

When we launch an advertising campaign on your behalf, it's our responsibility to maintain a profitable cost per lead. Our conversion specialists will keep an eye on your landing page conversion rates and provide specific insights into ways you can improve conversions and experiment with the traffic we're sending from your campaign.

Sales Process Optimization Insights

When we launch an advertising campaign on your behalf, it's our responsibility to maintain a profitable cost per lead. Our conversion specialists will keep an eye on your landing page conversion rates and provide specific insights into ways you can improve conversions and experiment with the traffic we're sending from your campaign.

ClickFunnels Audit

If you use ClickFunnels, you're operating on a very complex and powerful marketing platform which holds many secrets. When you schedule a ClickFunnels audit with our team, we'll spend an hour dissecting your funnel, including going through our own marketing team's pre-launch checklist, to ensure your funnel is in top shape. You'll walk away with a specific list of items to change which will improve the conversion rate of your funnel.
Limit 1 Per Month
Would You Like To Reserve Your Spot?
If you are serious about investing in growth, work with us for a month and see how much of a difference we can make. We are confident you'll see positive results immediately and will want to keep it going!

If you feel that one of the packages above is what you need in your business, click the button below and we will kick off your on-boarding process. We will immediately schedule a kickoff call and begin working on getting your design, writing, and audience targeting process underway.
Questions We're Often Asked
Do You Manage Instagram Ad Campaigns?
We're currently beta testing our Instagram Ads package internally with our long-term clients. We expect to be releasing this package to the public within the next quarter. If you'd like to be fast-tracked for this service line-up, ask your Account Manager for more information.
Do You Manage Google Ad Campaigns?
We do not currently offer Google ad campaign management. We're happy to refer you to a few friends who do a very good job at it!
Do You Have Contract Minimums?
We do not require long-term contracts to work together, and our minimum ad budget is $30 per day. We stick to this minimum budget due to the fact that our goal is to scale your spend up as fast as possible so you begin making significant profits.
How Quickly Can You Launch My First Campaign?
After your Kickoff Call is completed, our team typically takes between 3-5 days to assemble your Campaign Briefing package. This package contains the final edits to the headlines, ad text, link descriptions, ad imagery, and targeting information to be used in your campaign. We require approval of this Campaign Briefing prior to any Load & Launch process, but our team is able to get your first ads running within 24 hours of approval of your Campaign Briefing.
How Do You Report Campaign Performance?
Upon the launch of your first campaign, you'll be provided with a real-time dashboard in which our team will provide updates (often multiple times per day, especially in the first 10 days of a campaign). From there, you can ask questions, access our signature Advertising Analyzer spreadsheet, and view the results of each campaign we launch on your behalf.
What Do I Need In Order For Agency Golden To Begin Working?
We require that you have at least one lead magnet and one low-priced (“tripwire”) offer that can serve as a basic funnel that you operate.