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Our Manifesto

Our Promises, Our Playfulness, and Our Values

We Believe In Our Promises

We believe marketing is a tool that gives power.

It gives brands and influencers the power to spread their message and sell their strengths.

We are tasked with giving that power away. Yet, we will not do so mindlessly.

We promise to give this power exclusively to businesses and people which have the potential to improve humanity, not harm it.

We take responsibility for the sharing of that power to not only the biggest and wealthiest of those businesses, but also the downtrodden and pained.

We take responsibility for finding the little guy with the big message and helping him share it with the world.

Because that’s how we would want to be treated.

We Believe Businesses Should Love Their Marketing.

We believe you should love your messaging as much as your message.

We believe good marketing has the potential to shift our culture.

We believe emotion lies at the heart of every consumer decision, and it’s our responsibility to treat that emotion with respect.

We believe in beautiful design and attention to detail.

We believe our clients have humanity’s best interest at heart, and we want to help them achieve their goals.

We Believe In Our Playfulness

Marketing can either be really fun – or really boring.

We believe professionalism and playfulness can go hand in hand.

We love the work we do and we help our clients fall in love with their marketing. 

Our playfulness adds to our creativity – which, in turn, adds to the quality of our work.

Our playfulness is our advantage.

We Believe In Our Values.

These Core values are reflected in our team as well as our clients

#1 Sharpen The Razor

We push the cutting edge forward and maintain a culture of innovation. We position ourselves such that we’re front and center to industry updates and more capable than any agency out there to develop innovative marketing and advertising strategies.

#2 Grow Everywhere

We develop our personal lives as well as our professional lives. Success in one leads to success in the other; without this balance we become stressed and strained.

#3 Surprise Everyone

We go beyond the bare minimum to over-deliver in any way we can, even if it’s not scalable or sustainable. A small act of compassion that can surprise and delight one client or team member is worth the effort.

#4 Calculate Improvement

We take a numerical approach to all things marketing. Although intuition and experience play a large role in strategy, numbers rule the world of implementation. When we execute a marketing or advertising campaign, experimentation and statistics determine winners and losers at a rapid rate.

#5 Stay Golden

We always adhere to the Agency Golden Rule: Treat our clients and team members the way we would treat ourselves.

Don't Be Shy!

Connect With A Friendly Account Manager (For Free)

We Believe Working Together Should Be Simple, Personal, and Accessible

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Step 1: Tell Us Your #1 Challenge

After clicking the button below, you'll be brought to a 30-second questionnaire that will help identify your biggest marketing challenge - and whether we can help.

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Step 2: 30-Minute Strategy Session

Based on your answers in step 1, you'll be paired with your very own dedicated Account Manager. This person will reach out personally to share feedback on your responses and schedule a free strategy session to dive deep into a game plan.

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Step 3: Recommendations

After the strategy session with your Account Manager, we'll provide you with recommendations. You can take the plan from your strategy session and implement it yourself, or you can work with us!


Step 4: Kickoff!

If you decide to work with our team on your marketing, we'll provide you a big welcome and get on the phone for a personalized Kickoff Call where you speak with your Account Manager and other members of your new marketing team at Agency Golden.