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Social Advertising Services

Ready to invest more in advertising? Our team can help.

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We’re experienced in running advertisements to a wide variety of offers, products, services, and events. Our team can help you identify the right strategy behind your next initiative.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Multi-Channel Retargeting Engine

Effective advertising requires you to be in the right place at the right time. Our proprietary advertising model ensures that you appear on the right platform (whether that’s Facebook, AdWords, Instagram, or somewhere else) at the right time. We use advanced retargeting methods, exclusion audiences, dayparting, and other techniques to ensure your audience is always seeing the right message.

Superior Audience Targeting

Agency Golden’s proprietary “Golden Niche” targeting method is designed to find the intersection of people who are passionately interested in your brand and who have a high likelihood of buying from you. These individuals are not only raving fans, but they want to become customers and put up money to receive more from you.

Custom Design & Copywriting

Your brand is unique, and your story is at the heart of why people will buy from you. Our creative team is skilled at writing and designing your story and finding the “hooks” along the way which will cause people to pay attention. We combine proven advertising standards with our own in-house experimentation program to create words and imagery that convert.

24/7 Campaign Optimization That Scales

Your ads won’t get anywhere fast without if you don’t scale up your budget. To do that, your ads need to be profitable. Our ad management team is tweaking your campaigns 24/7 in order to accomplish a positive ROI. Once your ads are profitable, we recommend controlled increases in budget according to your desired growth rate.

Unlimited “Golden Touch” Perks

Landing Page Optimization Insights

When we launch an advertising campaign on your behalf, it’s our responsibility to maintain a profitable cost per lead. Our conversion specialists will keep an eye on your landing page conversion rates and provide specific insights into ways you can improve conversions and experiment with the traffic we’re sending from your campaign.

Sales Process Optimization Insights

After we generate a lead for you, it’s important that it turns into a sale. Our team will keep a close eye on your sales close rates through regular email check-ins and updates with you over the course of an advertising campaign. Based on the results your sales backend is generating, we’ll make customized recommendations on how to improve your sales conversion rates.

Dedicated Marketing Concierge

Advertising is only one part of the marketing equation, and our team is structured to help you solve it, regardless of what package you’re signed on with. Every day, our team of strategists is available to answer your questions, point out areas of opportunity, and even jump on a call to walk you through upcoming projects.

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Step 1: Tell Us Your #1 Challenge

After clicking the button below, you'll be brought to a 30-second questionnaire that will help identify your biggest marketing challenge - and whether we can help.

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Step 2: 30-Minute Strategy Session

Based on your answers in step 1, you'll be paired with your very own dedicated Account Manager. This person will reach out personally to share feedback on your responses and schedule a free strategy session to dive deep into a game plan.

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Step 3: Recommendations

After the strategy session with your Account Manager, we'll provide you with recommendations. You can take the plan from your strategy session and implement it yourself, or you can work with us!


Step 4: Kickoff!

If you decide to work with our team on your marketing, we'll provide you a big welcome and get on the phone for a personalized Kickoff Call where you speak with your Account Manager and other members of your new marketing team at Agency Golden.