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About Us

a Peek behind the scenes of Agency Golden…

Agency Golden is an advertising and sales automation agency for world-class brands and influencers. Our work is designed for B2B organizations who have authentic products and services designed to improve humanity.

If that sounds like you, we have a friendly team of talented marketing experts who are dying to meet you. We can find creative ways to grow your sales while also having fun along the way.

Our team is structured to provide the full services of a marketing department across our two service categories: Social Advertising and Sales Automation. Regardless of which you choose to work with us on, or if you choose both, you instantly receive the support of a dedicated marketing concierge who understands your business and how our team can help get your message out and turn leads into sales.

All along the way, our mission is to make you fall in love with your marketing. Most businesses just “accept” their marketing as a combination of copywriting wizardry and great design. But what if we take it a step further?

Truly amazing things happen when you love your messaging as much as your message. Our goal is to find that alignment and have you personally loving the work we’re doing.

We know what that feels like to us, and our goal is to make you feel it, too. If that sounds like the type of relationship you’d like to have with your marketing agency, let’s chat!

It’s important to us – and important for you – that we connect on a real human level. If you’d like to get in touch, click “Get Started” at the bottom of this page and we’ll immediately connect you with our Marketing Concierge, Michael. He’ll take care of you.

Meet The Team!



Co-Founder & Head Of Client Strategy

Location: Breckenridge, CO
Position: Co-Founder & Head of Client Strategy and Advertising
Skills: Social Advertising, Sales Automation
Hobbies: Mountain Biking & Snowboarding

Hi there! I’m Dan, and I lead the team at Agency Golden. My goal is to support each of our amazing team members as we grow and build world-class marketing and ad campaigns for our clients. I also spend a lot of time researching and publishing cutting-edge marketing strategies which our team is able to implement and test.

Outside of the “hands-on” work of the agency, my passion is using business as a tool to improve humanity. I work hard to ensure our client work and upcoming philanthropic initiatives reflect that passion in its full form, specifically in our global education-based work with Project Moonlight.



Marketing Concierge

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Position: Marketing Concierge
Skills: Organization, Account Management, Social Advertising
Hobbies: Video Games, Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons



Project Manager

Location: New Philadelphia, OH
Position: Project Manager
Skills: Sales Funnels & Automatons, Team & Project Management
Hobbies: Traveling & Cooking

Hi I’m Angel, and I serve as the primary client liaison for project-based accounts. I help clients maximize their investment with solutions that are strategic but also practical and executable. My goal is to help clients ultimately generate more customers, higher sales and greater revenue by using various technologies to their full extent. I have over 20 years of experience in fast-paced, high-growth environments as well as in large, established organizations. I spent my early years in advertising sales, managing sales teams and I have developed many successful sales and marketing programs.

When I am not in my office, I enjoy spending time with my family. In the summer we always have weekend adventures and visit new places. I have a passion for traveling and exploring. When I am not seeking out a new adventure, you can find me curled up watching movies, in the kitchen cooking, or attending my children’s sporting events. I believe in working hard and taking advantage of enjoying life to its fullest.



Co-Founder & Head Of Growth & Partnerships



Graphic Designer

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Position: Graphic Designer
Skills: Website Design, Logo Design, Social Media Graphics
Hobbies: Passionate Amateur Cook, Black Belt, and Marathoner

Hi I’m Emily and I am the Head Graphic Designer.



Advertising Manager

Location: Gurgaon, India
Position: Ads Consultant
Skills: Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Marketing Strategies
Hobbies: Reading, Meditation, Traveling

Our Story

by Dan Russell, Co-Founder of Agency Golden

2013: “Do you do this for other people?”

Our first client started working with us on a rainy Sunday morning in a New Jersey Starbucks. I had just finished hosting my weekly marketing Meetup when one of the attendees walked up to me. I was picking up my bag to leave when he asked me a very simple question – a question which every budding entrepreneur loves to hear:

“Do you do this for other people?”

I had been waiting for this moment. Just a few weeks earlier, I had opened the agency’s doors for business and started searching for my first client. This Meetup was my primary form of lead generation.

It was totally grass-roots; I had next to no money or network to lean on for a big launch. So when I (finally) got that question on a rainy Sunday morning at a Starbucks, I replied (possibly too quickly and loudly):

“Yes! Yes I do!”

At the time, I had no team. I had no case studies. But I did have experience. I had busted my chops in the startup marketing world and knew everything there was to know about digital marketing. I just needed a client – and here he was, standing in front of me, asking to pay me my first retainer.

2016: “Why aren’t we doing ads?”

We now had a team comprising of an account manager, a project manager, a designer, and a copywriter, as well as myself.

Things had been growing steadily for the agency, with a nice stream of product launches and other sales automation projects coming in from my network. But while things were moving forward, I couldn’t shake the feeling like they could be moving faster (classic CEO thinking, I guess).

All the “Afesters” in Cancun, Mexico

Halfway through the year, I traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a bi-annual personal growth event I attend called Afest. One of my good friends and husband of one of our clients, Faiz Nazarali, was there as well. On the first day of the event, he pulled me aside and proposed that we partner up to really turn the volume up on the agency.

I took a day to think about it; I didn’t need much convincing, given our philosophical alignments and the variety of business strengths we brought to the table. The next day, we met up in his hotel room and I told him, “let’s do it.”

We shook hands and made it official. Partners. Co-founders. Brothers from another mother.

It didn’t take us long to have our first strategy session. As we sat overlooking the Mexican Riviera, Faiz brought up a question that would change the trajectory of the agency:

“Why aren’t we doing ads?”

I sat there and thought about it. We had focused so closely on the “back end” of our clients’ marketing (that’s everything that happens *after* a lead has been brought in) that I hadn’t even thought about supporting the “front end.”

I had tons of experience with PPC advertising, but the amount of time it took required a new hiring schedule and new packages and new… well, everything.

But I knew it was perfect.

We would finally be a full-service agency: front end and back end. No more having to say “we don’t do that” or “I know someone I can send you to.”

So in the weeks and months that followed, we created an advertising package that was both accessible to our clients and financially stable for us.

And it took off.

2017: “It’s happening!”

After the introduction of the advertising package, our sales increased to the point of having advertising as our primary source of revenue. Our “back end” clients also became “front end” clients as they, too, signed on for our advertising services.

We expanded our team to include a Marketing Concierge, Michael, and an Advertising Technician, Ayush. Together with our “back end” team comprised of Angel, Emily, Tania, Monique, and Steph, our clients experienced the perfect hands-off sales system.

Today, we’re continuing to provide these services to an ever-expanding client base who is falling in love with their marketing – and our mission is as strong as ever.

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